Letter to Fully Remote Learners - January 2021

January 2021

Dear Remote Learners and Families,

Since remote learning was new to everyone in the fall we know that there have been some growing pains along the way, but we have worked through these and have been able to implement a rigorous instructional opportunity for students. I have visited some of the remote classes and I can tell you there is some amazing teaching and learning that is going on in that setting. I wanted to take this opportunity to review some of the information and expectations that go along with our remote learning option. These items are key to our remote learning option working well for all students involved.

Students need to log in to all cohort day sessions on time. Just like showing up to school each morning on time, it is vital to the flow of the class that all students are present when expected.

If the student is going to be late, absent, or miss some sessions due to appointments it is very important that the parents email the teacher in advance so they are not waiting for the students to show up.

Students are expected to complete all work in a timely fashion just like when they are in person. This is true for all content areas and specials classes. Students who are not completing the work will likely see scores of 1- not meeting expectations on progress reports and report cards. Since our specials teachers don’t see the students they have been working extremely hard at making sure their lessons are as close to in-person as possible. It is very important that students are taking these lessons just as seriously as other content-area lessons.

When students are attending their “live” sessions they need to be in a location within their home that is free of other distractions and noise whenever possible. It is best if students are seated in a chair at a table or desk. Students need to be dressed appropriately for school just like they would if they came in person. For the younger students, an adult should be available to help with materials or technology issues if they arise. Adults however should not be prompting students with answers and things of that nature. One key component to students learning is something called “productive struggle.” This means we allow students to struggle just a little so they learn how to figure things out. Although it would be much easier to just give them the answer, we need to let students work through some things on their own. So when you hear the teacher asking students to answer something and giving them wait time to think and process, this is why.

Materials need to be picked up and dropped off when expected. This is usually done on Fridays unless there is a holiday or vacation on a Friday in which case it would be done the school day before. We know there are a few instances of families needing to pick up and drop off items on Monday mornings and that plan does seem to work for those families as the students still have the materials needed for the week. Parents it is also helpful to have your child show you that they have turned in their assignments for the week in their Google Classrooms as well since some assignments are done through the Google Classroom.

Just a reminder that the next “opt-in” date for students to switch from remote learning to in-person learning is that you would notify me on or before February 26th and the change would take effect March 8th or 9th. This would be the start of the next trimester.

Please remember that you can find the cohort schedule on our school website so that you know what days your student has class.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your ongoing support of your child’s education in these unprecedented times. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Erica Gower

Principal Winslow Elementary School

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