Staff Directory

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Main Office:

Erica Gower, Principal

Thomas Hersom, Asst. Principal

Crystal Pomerleau, Student Support Specialist

Kathleen Edwards, Office Secretary

Gisele Carey, Office Secretary

School Resource Officer:

Ellen Stewart

School Nurse:

Stephanie Choate             

Social Work/Behavior Consultant:

Lacey Roderick, Social Worker 

Dr. Jeanmarie Tekverk, School Psychologist

Sabrina Vasoll, Social Worker-Guidance     

Kate Hersom, Guidance 6-8

Speech-Language Pathologists:

Storm Kelso

Debbie Michaud


Pam Perry, OT

Laurie Collins, OT

Regan Tyler, PT

4-year-old Program:

Christine Harrington 

Libby Stevens - 4-year-old Ed Tech

Title 1A:

Andrea Bragdon

Keith Martin

Jessica Bisson, Ed Tech

Kristen Day, Ed Tech

Janie Pelletier, Ed Tech

Kasey Toivola, Ed Tech


Sage Coldwell        

Nikki Hafford

Meagan Nielsen                     

Kristen Rolfe             

Michael Sandoval

Grade 1:

Linda Ende                               

Renee Blackstone

Crystal St. Pierre

Ann Sticht

Jennipher Smith 

Grade 2: 

Amy Davidson                      

LeeAnn Watson                      

Gayle Martin                            

Lindsey DuVall

Elise Theriault                     

Grade 3:

Patty Scully

April Trenholm 

Hannah Comfort

Jessica Buck 

Amber Willett                    

Grade 4:

Tammey Quirion

Lenore Reitze

Sam Smith

Michelle Roderick

Grade 5:

Nicole Metivier                       

Deborah Myers

Jeannie Poulin

Alexandra Fontaine

Grade 6:

Irene Hallee

Heather Tompkins

Isaac Schmidt

Kathleen Fleury

Specials & Unified Arts:

Ben Clark, Band

Lori Tyler, Gym

Kipp Jacques - Art

Heidi Murray - Library

Cynthia Streznewski - Computers/S.I.T. 

Keri Whitney - Music/Chorus

Andrew Doiron - STEM

Ann Clifford -Art 

Hope Winkin - JMG

Gifted and Talented:

Donna Foster

Special Education:

Jennifer Knowles, Director

Nicole Tibbetts - IEP Coordinator

Special Education -Teachers:

Greg Chesley

Karen St. Peter

Jennifer Stout

Jamie Marcellino 

Rachel McInnis 

Jon Dunn 


Tetyana Fournier

Educational Technicians:

Michael Portwine 

Cortney Rossignol

Kyle Price

Olivia Parker - Ed Tech

Dan Goss - Library Ed Tech 

Tech Team:

Jason Bersani

Nick Roberge

Will Backman - Director of Technology

Special Education Techs:

Michelle Carey

Anna Collins

Voni Eames

Jessica Fortin

Marsha Oliveira

Cindy Pelotte

Donna Wilson

Jayda Sharp 

Bridget Hujara 

Morgan McCafferty 

James Griffin 

Laura Watson

Alyssa Farrell 

Danielle Larrabee 

Noah Grindstaff

Nydia Alvarado

Gegie Mitchell 

Elizabeth Crouse 

Andy Dickey 

Sarah Byrne 


April Shores, Kitchen Head Cook

Mary Austin 

Vicki Perry

Karen Rancourt

Melissa Sinclair 

Custodial Staff & Maintenance:

Charles McCann, Maintenance

Adam Morse, Head Custodian

Mark Gould

David Davis 

Norman Lawrence