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Breakfast and Lunch for all students:
  • Our first week of delivering breakfast and lunches with buses to students in Winslow went very well.
  • Our buses will leave Winslow Elementary School at  9 AM on each morning Monday through Friday and will be following their regular route to help provide consistency in the timing of arrival to your address. We believe the timing of arrival at your address will become more consistent as we move forward.
  • We expect participation in this program will increase and therefore the number of stops will increase affecting arrival times slightly. Our delivery schedule with the buses is like the first few days of school when it takes a little time to establish a routine. 
  • Both breakfast and lunch are included in the single daily stop at your location.
  • Please be prepared to meet the bus to receive your meals.
  • These meals are available to all students, including junior high students, high school students and students of parent or self transport that do not normally ride the bus. 
  • All you need to do is be out to meet the bus when it arrives at your location or closest regular bus stop. 
  • The meals will be delivered Monday through Friday.
  • If you find the bus has not traveled past your location, please call 873-7048 so that we can add you to the route in your area.

Updates for the future of the Winslow K-12 schools

Below are images of the proposed building plans

If you know your child will be absent, please fill out the PREPLANNED LEAVE FORM. You can find this under the Handouts & Forms tab above.

Box Tops sheet? We have it under Handouts and Forms now. Thank you to those that have requested us to put it on our website. 

Why FasttMath? 
Dear Parents/Guardians, 
Our school is focusing on students building their basic math fact fluency in the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. See the video below explaining the reasons behind our choice to have students do FasttMath every day. 

The Winslow Public Library has many opportunities for our youth.
Please click HERE to see their calendar!


Substitute teachers and substitute Ed Techs needed for all schools. Once application is completed, do not mail. Call 872-1960 to schedule an appointment with the Superintendent, Peter Thiboutot. You must bring the application packet with you - include with the application a resume, a photo copy or download of college transcripts, and a copy of your CHRC (fingerprint) certification. Also bring with you two forms of identification. One can be your driver license, the other can be a birth certificate, passport, or a social security card.

For the meeting you will go to 20 Dean Street, Winslow. After the meeting you will go to the Office of the Superintendent , 25 Messalonskee Avenue, Waterville, to complete payroll paperwork. Effective January 1, 2019:

  • Substitute Educational Technicians - $11.00/hour
  • Substitute Teachers with no degree - $77.00/day
  • Substitute Teachers with degree - $87.00/day

Applications and fingerprint information attached.

Note: All employees are required to have fingerprint/background check. Please call 1-855-667-7422 to schedule an appointment or click on this paragraph to be brought to the online scheduler:

This can be the time of year when head-lice becomes more of a concern. Please click HERE for more information.

Safety first. The bus loop is for buses and emergency vehicles only.

School Philosophy:

Winslow Elementary School recognizes that the school is an integral part of the community. We will contribute to the development of its citizens by modeling respect for family, community and world. We celebrate the diversity of individuals and are committed to providing students with an opportunity to learn in a way that is most advantageous to each. All students will feel wanted, needed, valued, and safe. The success of this school shall be measured not only by the literacy and broad knowledge base which encourages life long learning, but also by the happy faces, healthy bodies, and curious minds it develops.

Winslow Elementary - It's Wonderful!

Winslow Elementary: It's Wonderful from Mid-Maine Technical Center on Vimeo.